The LGW Story

Why have they been hiding in sandbags instead of letting their identity be known? The story begins....

What is Lets Go Wolf?

LGW consists of 9998 NFTs and is also a PFP collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are unique wolves running on the Ethereum blockchain. And each of them has their own clothes, hats, glasses, different expressions. On the other hand, LGW is not just a brand, it is a symbol of the integration of web3 and object world. In the future, we will also be involved in the metaverse, IRL, commodities and other fields. In addition, we will also cooperate with other brands in the future. By the community, for Ethereum enthusiasts.



Life is a long journey.
In a long journey, there will always be sad and happy moments.
We should not be sad for today, affecting our yearning for tomorrow's life.
We should work for a better tomorrow, we all agree.
There's time to sip coffee, and share the joys and sorrows of life.
People want to live freely, live wonderfully, and live out their own appearance.
Bearing no grudge, no judgement, no spew.
Give yourself courage, tomorrow will be better.
We can do this though unity, all for one, one for all. 


LGW Launch

  • Social media and Website launch

  • Whitelist Free Mint giveaway  posts on twitter

  • The collection of 9998 LGW will mint on our website

LGW Merch

  • Creating beautiful merchandise, streetwear, prints, bag, bracelets, snack and toys.

  • LGW holder can pick up welcome packs in the shop.

  • Collaborate with fashion, lifestyle, and sports brands to make LGW mainstream. 

Event & Activation

  • 3% Do charity to give back to the society. We also will create nft collection for charity. 

  • Music festival is our first meet up (only for holder)

  • Create wallpaper background 


  • Airdrop only for LGW holder and product will be design by myself.

  • Airdrop will be same day on first music festival

  • 3D Art Airdrop

Metaverse & P2E game

  • We are exploring the Metaverse, because there are many Metaverses now, and we need to find a suitable Metaverse for our wolf. 

  • P2E game : boars wars . it is a strategist and fighting game.

  • Token and P2E token to be annouce

Where to buy it?

Opensea or Our Mint Page

About Me


Founder of LGW. People who love the web3 space and games. I have social phobia and fear of speaking in a crowd and you'll see me shaking. But I'm changing because I want to meet more interesting people. This nft project is currently developed by myself. It's all about asking people for advice, online learning. It also took me a lot of time because I don't know how to write smart contracts and draw my favorite wolf. Finally, the story of LGW begins now. I also hope to meet like-minded people to work together in the future, and LGW will become one of the best communities and brands. I have also designed some handbags so far, plan to design more interesting boutiques for our LGW holders, and can enjoy in my P2E game: Board Wars.

NFT founders who are interested in collaborate with me, please go to our official Twitter page to discuss with me. I will get back to you shortly to see how we can work together to the mutual benefit of our holders.

Smith : Artist

What is Lets Go Wolf (LGW) ?

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LGW consists of 9998 NFTs and also is a PFP collection of non-fungible token(NFT) .They are unique wolves running on the Ethereum blockchain. 

When will LGW mint Start? How many mint per wallet?

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Whitelist Free Mint 
28 / 7 / 2023 ; 1 time 2 mint

Presale Mint
29 / 7 / 2023 ; 1 time 10 mint

What will the mint price of LGW?

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Whitelist Free Mint
0.00 Eth

Presale Mint

What Wallet are supported? which platform will LGW be listed on?

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Metamask and opensea

How do i stay updated and safe?

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You can follow us on twitter. Soon , we will create account of discord. 
we wont DM you.

How do i get Whitelist Free Mint spots?

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We will post it on official page with pictures.  Please like & Retweet, tag 3 of your friends. Alpha will Like your comment and call you drop eth wallet address.

How are the mint fund used?

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We will use it to launch new products, p2e game , S2E , 3D art, and creating additional value for our community.

How do i get my self a PFP LGW collection ?

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You can mint Let's Go Wolf on our Minting page. (The collection is on Ethereum Blockchain). Never trust other links except from official annoucement. 

What kind of  P2E game we made in the future?

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We gonna develop web3 game P2E mode: Board wars. Fighting and strategies game. The monster can upgrade, trade and sell.

What kind of benefits do LGW holders get?

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  • Free entry to our P2E game.
  • Free airdrop boutique, snack, token and P2E token
  • Chance to join our event and activation
  • Free wallpaper

How to find me and collaborate with me?

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NFT founders who are interested in cooperating with me, please go to our official Twitter page to discuss with me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to see how we can work together for mutual benefit for our holders.